Facilitations of the Tourism sector

The government of Rwanda has done the following to facilitate the Tourism sector

  • The government of Rwanda has shown strong commitment to promote the tourism sector by developing a clear tourism strategy and successfully Rwanda as a tourist    destination.
  • Government has engaged the private sector in the policy dialogue and generally improved the country’s business environment for tourism purposes.
  • Government of Rwanda has worked consistently on the marketing of the Rwanda and its attractions benefiting greatly from the popularity of the gorillas.
  • Government has tried to foster the interest of tour operators and travel agents in the region, where by several have been invited to Rwanda to promote cooperation.
  • Government through, Chamber of Tourism of the Private Sector Federation aims to act as a voice to the sector, working as one body to promote, represent and advocate for the interests of the countries tourism sector.
  • Government of Rwanda has prioritized the Tourism sector as one of the key pillars for the country’s economic development.
  • Rwanda has created an environment of macroeconomic stability, one that is conducive to private businesses and the creation of sustained economic growth in the tourism sector
  • The government is working hand in hand with the tourism chamber to improve customer service and to solve the skills gap that seems to be a hindrance to better service delivery.

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