Facilitations of the health sector

The government of Rwanda has done the following to facilitate the health sector;

  • The government is trying to increase the level of funding of health services from public sources and promote community financing mechanisms that strengthen solidarity and risk sharing such as mutuelles, systems of pre-payment and health insurance.
  • The government of Rwanda has tried to decentralize all implementation of health care policy, with the central government responsible for stewardship activities
  • There has been new policy for the development and strengthening of the CBHI system in Rwanda with the larger goal of improving the accessibility to health care
  • The government introduced health insurance in order to protect households against the financial risks associated with illness and strengthening social inclusion in the health sector
  • Sector Budget Support to health to maximise the effective and efficient use of existing resources to strengthen health sector delivery and increase utilisation of health services in Rwanda
  • Health Systems 20/20 is working with the Government of Rwanda to streamline and coordinate the government’s myriad health sector resource tracking requirements for the health sector
  • The Rwandan health care system fully subsidizes preventive health services for the entire population
  • Rwanda government has validated the policies for the sector in order to address specifically goals for the health sector.
  • Health and education sector were allocated Frw 451.1 billion which is 32.7% of total 2012/2013 budget

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