Facilitations of the Energy Sector

The government of Uganda (GOU) has done the following to facilitate the energy sector;

  • Review of  legal and regulatory environment
  • Structural sector reforms including leveraging private sector investment
  • Budget allocation amounts to UGX 1,482.57 in the FY 2012/13
  • The Government removed subsidies in the power sector so as save funds for the Energy Fund which can be used to construct more hydropower projects. This would eventually bring the electricity tariffs down
  • Government is packaging Nakasongola Storage Tank site for revamping and completion to enhance National Petroleum Strategic Reserve Capacity.
  • Provide adequate, reliable and least cost power generation with the goal of meeting urban and industrial demand, increase access and to maximize the impact on poverty reduction
  • The government investment in petroleum exploration and production by acquiring geological and geophysical data in the Graben.  
  • Government is currently implementing a solar PV pilot project through a financing mechanism that makes it possible for both PV consumers and vendors to obtain credit from banks for solar rural electrification.
  • Government has promoted the extension of the Kenya pipeline to Uganda. The was the possibility of building a 10-12 inch diameter 1,450 kilometres pipeline through Tanzania to Uganda
  • After liberalisation Government divested its 50% interest in three oil companies.

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