Entertainment places in Kigali

Centre D’Echanges Culturels Franco-Rwandais
Located on Ave de la République City Centre. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Centre D’Echanges Culturels Franco-Rwandais plays host to leading local bands. The music is an eclectic mix of Rwandan, reggae and international covers

Casino Kigali
This is the only casino in Kigali that features live gaming which include roulette, blackjack, texas hold’em poker, oasis poker and slot machines more especially on Fridays

Cinema multiplex
Sited on the third floor, offers three screens and is designed to offer the best of what’s new in film industry every evening from Monday to Friday. The cinema range in size from 90 to 282 seats. There are shows during the day and evening over the weekends and public holiday.

Cinestar Movie Theatre
They play movies every night from 8pm to 10 pm Monday to Friday. They do play movies upon request form the people.

Heaven Restaurant
At Heaven Restaurant they play movies on Saturday nights and sometimes live music.

Shokola Lite
Shokola Lite is a good place to go to on Saturdays at 7pm to 10pm for movies

Korean Embassy
The Korean Embassy in Nyarutarama shows weekly movies on Fridays from 2:30pm to 10pm.

Serena Hotel Kigali
Kigali Serena has entertainment in form of live bands every Friday evening and from Monday to Friday are disco and traditional Intore dancers

Lounge at the Manor Hotel
This place is good for both a mix of blues and jazz on Monday nights.

Milles Collines Hotel
This place plays jazz on Monday nights, afro fusion on Tuesday, pop, soul and R&B on Wednesday and international music on Thursday

Down Town bar (former Fine Dine)
It is always fun on Friday night and topped it off with music mix from all the corners of the world and Saturday is a good hang out in Kigali.

Hilltop Hotel
This hotel has live band every Friday

National Museum of Rwanda
The tradition remains alive in this modern museum, tastefully displaying many examples of African life and culture in Rwanda

These lake beaches are very active over the weekend and public holiday.

  • Duha Beach Resort
  • Yvke beach resort

Tourist attractions
There are a number tourist attractions within one hour drive from Kigali City.

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