Communication Network in Rwanda

In Rwanda the following are the means of communication

  • Telephones, fixed lines and mobile phones being offered by telecom operators such as, Airtel Rwanda, Mobile telephone network (MTN) Rwanda, Rwanda Telecom,Tigo.
  • Televisions both free air and pay TV (for subscription to DSTV and Star Times) these include most TV stations in Rwanda such as Rwanda Television (TVR),Family TV, Tele 10 Group among others
  • Radios which include Radio Rwanda100.7FM, Radio 10, Radio Flash 89.2 FM, Radio Izuba, Radio Contact 89.7FM, Radio Maria 88.6FM, Radio Salus 97.0FM among others.
  • Newspapers which include; the New Times, the Sunday Times, Izuba Rirashe, Lanouvelle Releve, Imvahonshya
  • Postal communication, National Post Office is the company responsible for Postal service in Rwanda
  • Rwanda’s fibre optic cable network aims at providing more affordable and reliable telecom services with the capacity to transmit bandwidth from Kigali City through Uganda and Kenya up to the East African Coast.
  • Satellite internet services being provided by companies which include Thuraya Internet Service, Broad Band Global Area Aetwork Service, Iridium Data Service and telephone operators.
  • Radio calls

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