Communication Network in Burundi

In Burundi the following are the means of communication

  • Telephones ,fixed lines and mobile phones being offered by telecom operators such as, Leo U-com, Econet, Lacell, Africell,ONAMOB among others
  • Televisions both free air and pay TV (for subscription to, Star Times), these include most TV stations in Burundi such as Heritage TV, TV Salama, Tele Renaissance, TELE 10, RTNB
  • Radios which include BBC, Radio Ccib Fm, Radio Isanganiro 89.7fm, Radio Maria 98.4 Fm, Radio Publique Africaine, Radio Renaissance, Radio Rpa, Radio Salama, Radio Transworld, Radio Voix D Amerique, Rema, Radio Bonesha 96.8 Fm
  • Newspapers which include; The Arc-en-Ciel , The Burundi Tribune, Net Press ,Burundi realities, IRIN Burundi, ARIB, East African Business weak, among others
  • Postal communication, Régie Nationale des Postes is the company responsible for postal service in Burundi.
  • Satellite communication
  • Radio calls
  • Internet communication being provided by Leo U-com, CBINET SA, Heng Lu trading as outside heaven, Vizada networks AS, Emerging markets communications Deutschland GmbH, Intelsat Global sales and marketing Ltd, Burundi IXP, Sky vision Global networks Ltd



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