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Bourbon Coffee Ltd -Rwanda


Bourbon Coffee shop is hugely popular in Rwanda – with locations at Kigali Airport, in the Union Trade Centre, at the MTN Centre and at Kigali City Tower – is often called the Starbuck’s of Rwanda, and with good reason.

Located at Union Trade Centre Plaza, Kigali City Tower in Nyarutarama
Tel: +25028030555

Torero Cafe – Kigali

Torero is a coffee shop in central Kigali. It is great for chilling out, it has just the right music, great tasting food, wide range of drinks, all at very affordable prices! It’s located right in the city center and is easy to find. Torero is very well decorated and has a cool hippy-artsy-jazz-cafe feel. The owners are young, vibrant and very attentive to customers’ needs.
Located at Rue chez Venant inside Audiotex Building Kigali
Tel: +2500 885 637

Ndaru Coffee Shop

Located at Rue de la Revolution opposite BCR Kigali
Tel: +250788506645

Camellia Tea House – Kigali


This place is one of my favourites for their affordable prices, nice atmosphere, and tasty food. It has yet to be discovered in a big way by the muzungus so it makes a great place to hide away. Their menu is huge but they’re often out of whatever it is you want to order, so it could just be a ruse to lure you in, who knows. Regardless, the patio is a fantastic spot to enjoy a meal and a drink and to do some people watching. If you’re looking for some quiet, avoid this place at lunchtime as they’ve got a popular lunch buffet. Or, if you’re looking for the best lunch buffet in town, come at lunch, just try to arrive before 12:30pm in order to get a table.

Magda Cafe


Located out in Kacyiru, this cafe is tucked at the back of an office-looking building that doesn’t do much to inspire. There’s no outdoor seating area or view to speak of, but their service is super attentive and fast. The furniture and dishes are all suspiciously Bourbon-esque and the menu, while slightly more interesting, is still very similar to theirs. It’s a quiet place that makes a great hideout if you want to use some free wifi (that wasn’t working when I was there) without bumping into too many people you know. It does get really busy around lunchtime, though.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 7am – 10pm, Friday: 7am – 5:30pm, Saturday: 6pm-11pm
Phone: 0788 305 466
More Info: Magda Cafe on Eating in Kigali

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