Cinemas in Kigali

Kigali City has the best cinemas which meet the user requirements. Cinemas offer three screens and are designed to offer the best of what’s new in film now. The cinema halls have capacity ranging in size from 90 to 282 seats.
The Cinemas in Kigali include;

Century Cinema Kigali


The cinema multiplex is located on third floor of Kigali City Tower building on Avenue Du Commerce. It offers 3 screens and has seating capacity ranging from 90 to 282 seats. The centre is designed to offer the best of film industry as it is possible to see the biggest new film and as well as   smaller independent releases.


The Rwanda cinema centre has the following partners who have continuously supported its growth.

  • Ministry of sport and culture
  • Ministry of Local government
  • Rwanda Investment and Export Agency
  • Rwanda Tourism Agency Kigali
  • Vivid features in Nairobi
  • Tribeca film festival
  • Artventure
  • Prins Claus Funds
  • Open Air Cinema
  • MTN Rwanda
  • Kigali German Embassy

Planet Cinema

Planet Cinema is the only cinema in Kigali found in Kigali Business Centre on Avenue du Lac Muhazi.
Shows International movies every day in afternoons and evenings.
The movies are often in English with French subtitles or vice versa.
Alongside the Planet Cinema, they are a planet snack Bar and Planet nightclubs .

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