Challenges to Rwanda small scale farmers

In Rwanda farmers face the following challenges to add value to their agricultural products;

  • Low quality produce as most production is intended for own family consumption hence local farmers do not have strong incentives to increase quality.
  • Lack of business skills and entrepreneurship.
  • The rural road infrastructure and transport is not yet fully developed to enable the farmer to promptly get farm input and also transport the farm produce to the market.
  • There is lack of sustainable market and post harvest management for the small scale farmers in Rwanda.
  • Limited capital to develop the farms and local farmers also do not have easy access to funding from commercial banks.
  • The lasted market information is not readily available to the small scale farmers and this results in the farmers selling at cheap price in order to avoid spoilage of agricultural products.
  • Shortage of fertile land
  • Lack of knowledge about modern farming methods including irrigation.
  • Lack of necessary equipment to use on the farm during planting, harvesting and value addition.
  • Lack of adequate supporting infrastructure to the sector like cold rooms, advisory services to the small farmers and mechanism for the small farmers to pull resources.

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