Challenges of Waste Management in Kigali

The challenges of waste management include the following;

  • The disposal sites are over flowing because of big volumes being produced.
  • There is lack of proper facility and treatment skills on the landfill to dispose off the waste. Discarding of waste on the site is creating new hills of waste.
  • Some chemical waste is improperly disposed of in an unsuitable area or disposed off in rivers that traverse the urban centres and other wetlands.
  • Kigali has no central treatment facility for sewage and no system of sewers
  • Some septic tanks in residential homes are not accessible by the desludging vehicles so manual methods are employed which can be a health risk.
  • The sludge in urban areas is often not appropriately treated and is usually disposed off in an unhygienic way in a dumpsite.
  • Sewage from large installations like schools, hotels, prisons and hospitals are disposed of on a daily basis in untreated form into areas which are not approved.

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