Challenges Investing In Rwanda

The investors in Rwanda are likely to encounter the following challenges:

  • The country landlocked nature of which increases costs of road transport. The country depends on the infrastructure and administrative procedures of Kenya and Tanzania with coastlines
  • The state of roads and railways in neighbouring is often in bad state which further increases the transport costs.
  • Rwanda has the highest imported freight service costs in the region, which are nearly three times the African average.
  • The energy costs are high
  • The country has low human capital skill as a consequences of the 1994 genocide
  • The country lacks specialized labour in a number of sectors of the economy
  • The country does not have adequate suppliers of finance in the form of loans to potential investors
  • The country general infrastructure is being worked on and investors may face some challenges.

It is important to note the above challenges are business opportunities for a number of investors.

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