Challenges in Water Sector

The challenges include the following;

  • In order for Rwanda to meet its food security needs requires a lot of water for irrigation and for use by the associated companies which is a challenge to the sector.
  • The hilly terrain that needs expensive motorized water system has been as one of the challenges to water supply in some areas.
  • Rwanda lacks reliable water resources data on quantity and quality that is required for long and medium-term planning.
  • Lack of operation and maintenance of the hydro meteorological stations due to financial constraints.
  • The impact of lack of hydrological data is that the implementation of the plans to manage the water resources in an equitable and rational manner.
  • Poor sanitation, lack of urban and industrial waste water treatment, mining activities and intensive agriculture applying inorganic fertilizers and pesticides seriously pollute surface waters.
  • Most towns have outdated water supply infrastructure.
  • Rural water service has insufficient capacities to adequately manage rural water.
  • The high prices of water.

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