Challenges in the Public Sector

The challenges facing the public sector include the following;

  • Management of the shift from a highly centralized, bureaucratized state to a decentralized one using ICT.
  • Limited skills and a high turnover of staff.  
  • High degree of resistance to change in the country.
  • Weak links between public sector reforms and capacity building risks stifling reform efforts.
  • Rwanda’s Public Sector need to be accompanied by institutional assessments, new processes and training which still a challenge to the sector is.
  • Inadequate capacities for strategic planning, policy and project design and implementation due to centralized and top down structures.
  • Government agencies are insufficiently responsive to the needs to local communities.
  • Inadequate financial accountability in the sector.
  • Weak coordination and ownership of capacity building initiatives which are often implemented in isolation and driven by donors.

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