Challenges Facing ICT Sector in Rwanda

  • The ICT sector is facing a challenge of limited skill sets required for its sustainable growth due to inadequate specialized IT-related industry, IT project management and other set of skills required for the sector growth
  • The absence of a Last Mile Network is preventing a steady growth of the Internet penetration countrywide to improve on communication infrastructure
  • ICT Penetration, ICT awareness and Literacy rate at community level remains at very low level with citizens living in rural areas having a limited ownership of ICT devices, a very limited awareness of how ICT can improve their productivity and socio-economic welfare.
  • Limited human resources available for Science Technology and Innovation Development due to fewer scientists coming out of the academic institutions
  • Rate of deployment of Government to Citizens (G2C) e-government services is generally done at a low pace and where available, systems and services not sufficiently used by the intended users. This translates into inefficient manual processes, delays in service delivery, long queues and bureaucracy, which in turn impose considerable burden to our economy.
  • Limited financial resources from both public and private sectors to invest in the Information and Communication Technology sector

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