Challenges faced by the agriculture sector

  • Poor farming techniques
  • Limited access to quality farm inputs
  • Too much relying on rain
  • Inadequate disease control facilities.
  • Lack of awareness by farmers on better farming methods
  • Low incomes of farmers to purchase the necessary farm inputs
  • Limited funding by government and private sector to agricultural sector
  • Low production and productivity resulting in low revenue
  • Low value addition to agricultural produce
  • Inadequate storage and high post harvest losses
  • Land limitation in some areas
  • Inadequate physical infrastructure to support the sector
  • Poor transport limiting access to markets
  • Lack of arable land and organic manure
  • Lack of appropriate techniques in production, processing, storage, marketing and consumption
  • Climatic disasters such as floods, droughts and land slides
  • Lack of priority given to the agricultural sector
  • Population pressures have led to overuse of land and declining fertility.
  • Extension services are weak.
  • Uncertain land tenure arrangements

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