Categorization of Land in Rwanda

Background information

Rwanda has a total land area of 26,340 sq km distributed as follows:

Forests cover land area of 5,344 sq km
Farming covers 20,000 sq km
Arable land covers 996 sq km

Categorization of Land

Urban Land
Urban land is land which is confined within boundaries of towns and municipalities established by law. A presidential order determines any other land that is considered as urban land that is in suburbs of towns and municipalities and in the collective settlements. Any other land is rural land.

Rural Land
Any other land other than urban land is rural land

Individual ownership of land
Individual land is composed of the land acquired through custom, written law which excludes public land or district, town, municipality and the City of Kigali land, the one acquired from competent authorities, purchased land, gift and exchange and sharing.

State Land
State land which makes up the public domain consists of all the land meant to be used by public or land reserved for organs of state services as well as national land reserved for environmental protection. It is possible for the private operator to lease public land from government for purposes of developing supporting infrastructure necessary for the economic development of the country. This requires approvals from the Minister in-charge of lands.

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