Burundi Revenue Authority

Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR) is a semi-autonomous public revenue collection institution, created by Law No. 1 / 11 of July 14, 2009.

The overall goal of establishing this institution is to reduce poverty through an improved public revenue collection and an improved business environment in Burundi as well.

It is a new institution created to inaugurate an era of modern and professional tax and customs administration in Burundi with a mission is to maximize tax compliance through quality service.

Its vision is to be a modern tax administration contributing to the development of Burundi and its economic integration within the regional and global economy.

OBR’s Strategic Objectives
OBR will expand its operations by focusing on three main strategic objectives, which aim is to facilitate service excellence:

  • Revenue Maximization;
  • Enhancement of taxpayers’ compliance;
  • Developing a competent and effective organization;
  • Developing effective internal control systems and procedures.

OBR will introduce a tax reform in accordance with the best international practices and in compliance with the commitments vis-à-vis international treaties.

Economic and Social Benefits of OBR for Burundian Citizens
The innovations introduced by the reform have real economic and social benefits to the citizens of Burundi;

  • The OBR will restore tax fairness and justice, a fundamental value in tax compliance. The citizen will be well received and with dignity and courtesy;
  • Better revenue administration will increase the provision of resources for the development of the poor and improving the business environment;
  • The funds collected by OBR effective and efficient create opportunities in all sectors of development and business growth economy and limit dependence on foreign aid to finance government spending.
  • The benefits of a revenue authority organized compared to functional lines also include reduced administrative costs for the government and reduced compliance costs for taxpayers;
  • The introduction of modern techniques for the collection of revenue automate the collection of taxes and taxes and create a more transparent and leads to more business growth tax environment;
  • The OBR is organized along functional lines focused on taxpayer segmentation, maximize the voluntary payment of taxes by taxpayers by improving service standards and educating people on the issues of taxes, and investing substantially in Information Technology to strengthen revenue administration;
  • The establishment of a modern revenue administration through a revenue authority is consistent with Burundi’s accession to the East African Community and its desire to harmonize its institutions with those of its partners and support regional integration ;
  • The establishment of the OBR is in line with the principles of the Economic Community of Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL), with its emphasis on improved governance, facilitation of regional trade and cooperation in training border.

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