Animal Sub Sector of Burundi

Animal sub sector is one of the Burundi’s growing sectors contributing about 9% to the GDP. The sector is characterized into cattle 596,412, goats 2,162,800, pigs 244, 791, sheep 295,739 and poultry 1,719,296 in 2011.

Competitive strength of the sector

  • Favorable climate which favors livestock farming
  • Availability of market for livestock that is in Burundi, EAC, COMESA Region
  • Local breeds have low cholesterol levels which is a good health attribute
  • Good legal framework in the sector
  • Current investment code support private sector investment

Market for livestock
There is an increase in the demand for meat and milk products locally following resettlement of people in their areas after civil war has led to increased demand for livestock and livestock products in the country.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry Of Agriculture and Livestock (MINAGRI)

The MINAGRI’s missions are reflected in the Presidential Decree No. 100/38 of January 3, 2006 and include:

  • The design, planning, coordination, and implementation of national policy on agriculture and livestock
  • The organization and monitoring of agro-food processing
  • The establishment of the population’s sustainable food security system
  • The development and implementation of national policy on protection and fertilization of soils
  • The development and implementation of crop protection strategies
  • The definition and implementation of national policy of mobilization for self-development and agroforestry-zootechnic popularization
  • The promotion and supervision of the exploitation of water, of fishing and fish farming products, in collaboration with other concerned ministries

General Directorate of Livestock (DGE)
It comprises of three Directorates

  • Directorate of Animal Health (DSA).
  • Directorate for the Promotion of Animal Production (DPPA).
  • Directorate of Water, Fishery and Fish Farming (DEPP).

The animal sub-sector has been summarized to include the following

Land for Livestock in Burundi

Diaries in Burundi

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