Broadcasting Services in Burundi

A broadcasting service was established in Burundi in 1984 with the establishment of a national television of Burundi, by 2004 there was only one television station owned by government, but currently there is star times a pay TV and other non paying TV stations offering broadcasting services in Burundi

Digital Broadcasting
There are two types of broadcasting content service packages or channels: Free-to-air and Pay TV.

For free-to-air, one can receive these TV channels on their TV sets without any subscription or paying a monthly fee. These include most TV stations in Burundi which include RTNB, Tele 10, Tele Renaissance, TV Salama, Heritage TV

Pay TV for one to receive channel must pay subscription/ monthly subscription, in Burundi there is star times

Operation of broadcasting stations
In the field of broadcasting stations, the role of the ARCT


  • Provide resources frequencies (frequency assignment)
  • Approve equipment used.

Thus, there are local radio stations broadcasting to foreign.

Broadcasting Service sub Sector has been organized to include the following

Television Stations in Burundi
Radio Stations in Burundi

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