Bisesero Memorial Site

The site is situated in Karongi District in the Western Province and is about 31km from lakeside Kibuye Town.The majority of people who lived in Bisesero were Tutsis cattle keepers. They staged a resistance against the soldiers and the Intarahamwe Militias for some days because they chose the top of the hill on which there were many rocks which they threw at the advancing attackers. They were eventually unsuccessful because they were fighting with sticks and rocks against well armed and trained soldiers and militias. Over 50,000 Tutsis were killed and only a few Tutsis who lived in Bisesero escaped.

The Memorial Site

The site is composed of nine small buildings which represent the nine communes that formerly made up the province of Kibuye. The site is today called the “Hill of Resistance” because of the heroic resistance mounted by the people of Bisesero against killers.


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