Rwanda Land Background Information

Land in Rwanda

Rwanda’s land area of 26,340 square kilometers is distributed as follows:

Forests cover land area of 5,344 square kilometers

Agriculture land covers an area of 19,250 square kilometers

Arable covers 76 square kilometers

Water surface 1,670 square kilometers

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Background Information

Uganda has plenty to offer in the area of investment. It has friendly people, abundant rainfall and fertile soil, natural resources and is the most bio-diverse country in Africa in flora and fauna. No wonder Sir Winston called Uganda ‘Pearl of Africa’.

The security of investment is guaranteed under the country‘s Constitution and the Investment Code Act Cap 92 Laws of Uganda and Uganda is a signatory to a number of major international investment arrangements including MIGA.

In order to reduce the cost of doing business in Uganda, the government has put in place an attractive investment incentives package that provides generous tax and non-tax incentives.

Uganda has achieved macro-economic stability and its economy is fully liberalized. Through investing in Uganda the investor has access to the region market of 390 million people.

The government is committed to private sector led economy and has put in place necessary mechanism for government and private sector dialogue in policy formulation. Through the Ministry of Finance the government has committed a sizeable amount of the budget on improvement of the supporting infrastructure and social services. As a result of the government investment in education, Uganda’s universities produce over 20,000 graduates per year of quality trainable labour.

Through Uganda Investment Authority Uganda offers a One-Stop shop for investors. Foreign investors are able to own land in Uganda and can receive long-term leases for a maximum of up to 99 years.

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