Air Transport in Burundi

Burundi being a landlocked country, air transport is of strategic importance to the nation as it guarantees an alternative gateway to the rest of the world. It provides the most efficient and quickest transport means to and from Burundi.
The aviation industry in Burundi is managed by the civil aviation authority of Burundi and regulated by ministry of transport and telecommunications.
Burundi has Bujumbura International Airport as the only airport people can use to either enter or leave Burundi by air.
Air service is maintained by Air Burundi, which operates domestic service and flies to Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. International service is also provided by Air Zaïre, Sabena, and other airlines.

Air Transport
The regulation of air transport is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications.

Air Transport Policy
Government policy on the aviation industry is to ensure that the air transport industry is safe, secure, regular and efficient. It is also to ensure that the Bujumbura International Airport turns into a regional hub.

Bujumbura International Airport
Bujumbura International Airport located 11kilometers (7miles) North West of Bujumbura
It is the country’s main gateway by airport.
The airport handles flights to Entebbe, Nairobi, Kigali, Ethiopia, South Africa, Brussels, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo among others

Gitega Airport
Gitega Airport is an airport located in Gitega 165.6 kilometers (102.9miles) by air from Bujumbura international airport.

Kirundo Airport
Kirundo Airport is an airport located in Kirundo 98.52kilometers (61.22miles) by air from Bujumbura international airport.

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