Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the main economic activity for the people of Rwanda providing employment to about 86% of the total population. The sector contributes 47% of Rwanda’s Gross Domestic Product and accounts for about 80% of the foreign earnings from the exports of the primary products of coffee, tea, hides and skins, pyrethrum and horticulture. Over 80% of the population derives their survival from sector.

Role of Agriculture sector

  • Source of employment whereby 86% of the economically active population is employed in the sector
  • Agriculture has contributed greatly towards government effort in combating poverty and food insecurity within the country.
  • The sector contributes to the gross domestic product of the country
  • It also continues to promote agribusiness clusters and market integration, assisting 700,000 smallholder farmers to increase their incomes
  • The sector is a source of foreign exchange to the country

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