Agatha Uwilingiyimana

Agatha Uwilingiyimana was born on June 23, 1953 in Gitore, Gisagara District of the Southern Province. She was the daughter of Yuvenali Ntibashirakandi and Saverina Nyirantibangwa.

She got married to Ignace Barahira in 1976 and was blessed with three children.

Uwilingiyimana became the first woman to hold the position of Prime Minister in Rwanda’s history from July 17, 1993 to April 1994.

Prior to that, she served as the Minister of Education where she advocated for equal rights among students

During her time in office, she advocated for the rights of women and spearheaded the fight against divisionism.

She was assassinated on April 6 1994.


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