Hotel, Motels, Lodges and Apartment Accommodation in Butare Town

The following is accommodation in Butare Town

Motel du Mont Huye

motel du mount huye

The motel is located within Butare Town Rwanda with, free high speed internet, restaurant and forty one rooms (41).

Hotel Ibis

hotel ibis

The hotel is located in Butare PO Box 103 Rwanda with free Parking restaurant and thirty four rooms (34).

Hotel Credo

hotel credo

Credo is located in Butare, Rwanda with free Parking space, restaurant, swimming pool and fifty rooms (50).

Petit Prince Hotel

petit Prince Hotel

Petit Hotel is located in Huye Butare, Rwanda with free parking space, internet and restaurant.

Shalom House Butare

Shalom House Butare

Shalom is located in Butare Town, Rwanda with restaurant and eight rooms (8).

Mater Boni Consilii Accommodation

mater boni

Located in Huye District, Butare, Rwanda.


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